CISSP Certification

CISSP Certificate is issued by the (ICS)2 organization. This is surely one of the best recognized and desired on the whole world certificate confirming security skills. CISSP Certification is not only the first recognized and accredited certificate (in the area of information security) by the iSO/IEC organization (is meets ISO/IEC 17024 notms and regulations) but is also officialy adopted by such organizations like U.S. Department of Defence or U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

CISSP certificate confirms that person possesig this certificate:

  • has documented professional experience related to information security in accordance with (ISC)2 requirements
  • has wide knowledge in the area of information security confirmed by passed CISSP exam
  • is all the time improving him/herself in the area of information security. CISSP Certificate is valid only 3 years and during this time the certified person is obliged to document his/her new experiences and knowledge related to information security

The attitude of the (ISC)2 organization to the CISSP certification generates a lot of profits for employees and for employers. For employees because they are all the time improving their skills by attending professional CISSP courses, they document their professional experience etc. For employers because they can expect high level of competences from their employees in the area of information security.

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Because of huge scope of subjects CISSP exam is not an easy to pass exam. The exam takes 6 hours, during which candidates have to proof their knowledge from various areas of security aspects. Many questions from the total of 250 is strictly focused on solutions comming from professional experience and in this case theoretical knowledge may not be enough.